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Love-My-Live's Journal
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Wednesday, August 19th, 2009
7:44 pm
I'm Back
After years full of problems and issues I decided to come back. Now in my mid-thirties I still work at the bank and now I have a second job at my fav bar.... I just love it.

more I will write as soon as possible, but plz understand that I don't have much time.......... but more will come.

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
10:25 am
Good news: I have internet at home. So I will update from home and tell you more about me and my life... maybe I have the chance to talk with you all via e-mail or chat??? I don't know but I am back in the online-world.

Bad news: my grandpa which is like a father for me (I grew up by my grandparents) had a heart attack yesterday. This morning short after I went into the office my granny called me about. OK he is 78 years old and in the last two three months I hadn't a lot of contact to my grandparents... and the family bondage wasn't like in other families but this call was a surprise and yeah tears were coming. I know everybody has to leave this world as soon their time has come. I am a lil bit confused, nervous, sad and don't know what I shall do. Granny said I can't go to the hospital because they don't let me in to him....

I hope so everything goes well...

Current Mood: nervous
Monday, December 13th, 2004
8:46 am
Would You...

Go out with me?
Give me your number?
Have sex with me?
Let me kiss you?
Watch a movie with me...even a really sappy one?
Let me take you out to dinner?
Drive me somewhere/anywhere?
Take a shower with me?
Be my GF/BF?
Have a fling with me?
Listen to me if I called you crying even if you were out with all of your friends?
Buy me a drink if i didn't have money?
Take me home for the night?
Would you let me sleep in your bed?
Sing car karaoke with me?
Sit in the doctors office with me because I didn't want to go alone?
Re-post this for me to answer your questions?
Let me give you a piggyback ride?
Come pick me up at 3 am because my car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere?
Monday, November 22nd, 2004
4:20 pm
I feel as I should write some xmas-cards...

so everybody who wants a christmas card please send me an e-mail with the adress where I can send the xmas-card...

please send the mail to: garti74@gmx.ch

I hope you all would be happy to get some nice words from a swiss guy.
Thursday, November 18th, 2004
8:20 am
I changed my E-Mail-Addy because I haven't a position in the hockey team anymore.... Actually I am just a player...

So I would be glad to get some attention.

Please note:

I would love to keep in touch with you all....
Wednesday, November 17th, 2004
2:02 pm
I don't know but the last three weeks wasn't mine. I felt depressive, sad and just weird. I was unhappy with myself and my situation. Well I am still unhappy with my situation but I hadn't the power to change something. So two girls felt that something goes wrong with me and tried to speak with me.

I don't know but in the last three weeks I was out very often and not for meeting people. No I was out for getting drunk and let my problems on the back. But you all know that alcohol can't resolve the problems and so I was close to fall deeper and deeper. Currently I am in a better mood and I feel as I have more power but it's like as I would expect the next hammer which would land on my head. I know there is something what will make the hole of depression bigger and I don't know when it will happen.

Normally I am a man with a lot of optimism (I have a tattoo with the chinese sign for optimism) but actually I feel as I lost it all. It's not just my financial stat which is hanging on me like damokles sword, no it's more. I feel as I would stuck in my job and I don't have the power or the brave for start a new education. And it's my girlfriend who has so much power and stands with both feed on the ground and is doing one step to another for her career. And me: I'm here. working as an assistant in a bank and after work I go out. Meeting my friends (are they friends or just party people) and drink the one or other beer. And I still don't know if it is really love what I feel for my girlfriend. Or do I love my best friend Luzia which has the warmest heart I ever met???? I dunno know.

Fact is that I refound me in one of the most difficult times in my life...

But no panic folks. Until this day I ever found a way out of these holes and I am sure I will find a way out but I am sure it will need more time as before. With all the power I have I'll try to get out of this fucking crap..

Current Mood: depressed
Tuesday, October 5th, 2004
2:15 pm
I'm back. I had a really nice week at home and it happened a lot. Well I'll try to do a short update:

September 24/25 we had a party in town. It's a really big party where people from everywhere are coming and well I can't explain much about this party but I worked there and did some money.... So Sunday I was very tired and so did I Monday.

September 27 until October 3:
I had holidays and I did not much. I enjoyed my appartment and sometimes I was out. I met some friends and we talked a lot and I promised to a girl to come at her birthday party. Well Thursday night I went to this party at it was just awesome. We drank a lot and danced more... We all were in a really flirty mood and we all just enjoyed the time... it was one of the best parties I had this year... and it continued Saturday. Then was this Hiphop-party in a club near my place and so I went there. This party was organized from friends of mine so I was on the Guest-List and so I had the chance to bring in another person. I decided it would be cool to take out the girl who had birthday to days ago and so we went out together. The other chick from Thursday was there too so we had the chance to continue the party... and it works... I never danced with two chicks at the same time on the floor and wow... all these wannabe-g-homeys looked at me and were jealous cuz I was there with two chicks.... (nose up, hehehe)....

But I was in so a good mood that I danced with almost every girl I knew there. And there were a lot of girls I knew and yeah how it is: and the end of the pary I was tired and all wet from sweating... anyway I had a really nice party and I danced out all my frustration, anger or what else every I had in my mind...

Then it was Sunday and the Leningrad Cowboys were in town. Needless to say I had to go there. first I wanted just go for 2 hours and see my friends but at the end I was there until 2am and yeah: I was really tired yesterday...

you see I did a lot and I had a lot of fun... so the last 4 days where some of my best days in this year...

love you all.
Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
8:20 am
I'm so proud of myself:
yesterday I got a call from my ex-girlfriend. She would be in town and asked me if she could come to me for talking and stuff.... well I said yes but I felt bad because of my girlfriend....

Anyway: My Ex was coming and we talked and talked and talked and then she asked if she could sleep at my appartment. I agreed and we shared the bed together... Well I can tell you all I didn't do anything. We talked for maybe two hours about everything but nothing happened....

So that means I can continue to watch into the eyes of my girlfriend and I am happy I can tell her the whole story without a lie......
Monday, September 20th, 2004
10:06 am
The last weekend was just cool. Friday I was out and met some of my black friends. We had a good time and went to a club in our town. There I met a girl named Gina and we talked for a while she is teacher and yeah. Was nice to talk with her... At 4 am I was at home.

Saturday I went for food and other stuff because I expect my girlfriend and a really good friend of mine. But they both came late so I had the whole day for me. As I was in the grocery store I saw my mum. It was really unexpected cuz she doesn't live here in town. She told me that my sister invited her in and stuff. Well we talked a lil bit and then I was like "well mum, cool to see ya, but I have to go now"... It was a really weird situation because a) I had an hangover from last night and b) I wasn't expecting her there and was surprised and not in the mood for talking and stuff. Anyway it seems as I go more and more on distance with my family. That's happened when you here every year that you are a different part of this family because of my dad... My mum got me unmarried and in the 70's it was a shame here in switzerland to get a baby without beeing married... anyway. I am here and I have my own life. I don't need this conservative family with all her issues.

Saturday night I was at a party
Go to: www.last9ight.com/pix_foto2.php?f_id=12652&e_id=645&pageNum_rsnews=84&tata=5&m_id=5

There you will find more pictures about this party... it was a hiphop party and well the crowd was in a real good mood.....
go there and watch the pictures and you'll see how I live and who are my friends.
Wednesday, September 15th, 2004
2:51 pm
I know that I don't write lots of comments but read the entries of my friends because I like to know how they feel and live or how they think. but well yeah I wasn't able to comment and for the next month I won't be able to comment to everybody's story...

but you know what is curious? closing an account and opening a new one and just add girls as friends. I mean ok, she's married and she had a lot of troubles while her hubby was away. But we all are happy that her hubby is back and I hoped that we could keep in contact. But how she said: people grow in separate ways and maybe she's fine with having just girls as friends for not having fights with a jealous hubby.
but then please be honest and tell you don't wanna have contact with males...

Otherwise I am ok. It's Wednesday and I am busy... so I will write tomorrow evening when I am on my second job...

take care my friends outthere...
Friday, September 10th, 2004
8:28 pm
Actually I am working in my second job and I am tired as hell. Yesterday I was out after work and I met Bashir and Kelly. Two african friends. They were on the street for promote their party which will be Saturday 9/18 and of course I will be there. I will go with my girl and my best friend and she promised to come. So yeah I went with them from bar to bar and for handing out the flyers and later we decided to go in a club. There they did some pictures for www.last9ight.com and of course we saw a lot of people there. It was just cool (go and watch out www.last9ight.com and look for "p1, 09.09.2004" on two pics you will see me. I wore a red baseball cap.

Thanks God I just drank Coke so I hadn't a hangover. Means I just was tired the whole day. But easy. After this shift I will go to a bar and drink two beers and then I go home. Need some sleep and I wanna style me up tomorrow (shaving and stuff).... Sunday I will go watching an American Football Game and it seems as I will see my ex-Girlie there. I wanna show her that I found my style and she was my mentor for that.

My ex and me we found a way to talk together and it seems as we can start a really good friendship after our relationship. Hey come on, we were for four years together and we hadn't any fights... today she told me that now she knows what she had with me but anyway.... We both know that we won't come together and but we keep in touch as friends. As real good friends....

wow, I guess this half an hour won't go....

take care my friends outthere.
Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
10:33 am
So since a week I'm back in my civil life and I continued to work in the bank. Last week was just horrible because I had a lot to work up and try to actualize me... but it worked.

My girlfriend went to UK for a few days so I was from Thursday until tonight alone. I enjoyed the time and went to some parties. In fact I was drunk from Thursday until Sunday night.... I had enough sleep so I was ok through the day but anyway... A lot happened:
Thursday: A friend of mine wanted to go in a club... the party was the bomb but I had to go home at 1am because I had to work Friday.
Friday: A friend of mine became daddy so we had to drink in his daughter. After some of us went to a club where we gave us the rest.... Came home at 6am and slept until 12am
Saturday: I stayed at home until midnight. Then a friend picked me up for a hiphop party. Wow, I didn't see so many girls with nice asses for a long long time... so I had a really good time there...
Sunday: My favourite american-football-team had a game (the most important of the season). So I went at 1pm there for watching it. They won and I was invited in the party after the game...

So my Monday was really quiet. I worked and after work I got a call from my ex. She has some problems and since I was the man she was together with for 4 yrs she knows that I understand her. So well... she was complaining and stuff and I listened to her and gave her some advices. The most important advice was that she needs talking with her boyfriend about it. Because of him she left me and I guess after almost a year beeing with him he has the right to know her fears and problems... but I am proud that I am still one of her most importants friends to talk with...

Later on this evening I went to the "migros clubschule". A friend of mine who works there was asking me if I wanna have a second job. And well I agreed because of my financial problems. For two days of the week I am responsable that the building is closed after the last courses who end at 10pm. I have to make the round and control all the rooms... No big deal but 20-25 bucks (15 USD) it's ok to do it...

well tonight I'll see my girl and tomorrow she has her birthday. It seems as she will get laid tonight... and not just once... *grin*
Monday, August 23rd, 2004
10:54 am
yeah I'm back from the army and I haven't had the chance to go online while I was there...

anyway I will try to read some of your entries and try to update me like this.

you all could do me a favor: you could write some comments and do me an update about what all happened in the last 4 weeks.

afrodite: I read some of your entries and I see you are very happy with dan. I am glad that everything goes well and I hope you got some 2:00pm... but well if I need to know something important about all that, please inform me.

for the others: I hope you all are ok and you all tell me what's up...

For me the last 3 weeks were hard. I never had the chance to sleep normally and I had a lot to do. but I met a bunch of cool people and we had a lot of fun... but I am happy it's over for a year...
Wednesday, July 14th, 2004
10:11 am
Lot of stuff happened in the last few days and weeks but I haven't had the chance to post about it.

I'll have to go in the army at July 21st and there I will be for the next couple of weeks. I'll return August 20th.

Maybe I have the chance to make an update while I am in the army. If not I try to go online and read your posts...

No fear. Here in Switzerland we live in a peaceful place so nothing will happen while I am in the Army. I am sure I come back without any blessures or wounds...

In the age of 20 we go in the Army for learn to defense our country and after this 20 weeks we have to go each year for 3 or 4 weeks for making an update. Me I am responsable for the food and the bookholding of our unit so I have a nice office job and I don't have to go out on the field and do the battle practices...

I'll miss you all and hope to have a chance to read yours posts...
Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
10:59 am
my legs are sore and I am still tired.
the hockeyweekend with the team was hard as hell. We played 6 games and the rest of the time we were partying or bathing or flirting or something else. So watch the details:
Friday afternoon we drove to Engelberg. There we checked-in for the hotel and for the tournament and went for food and a lil beer because we had 2 hours to wait until our first game. We won this game and then we had to wait for 1 1/2 hour for the next game. We just sat around and talked a lil bit and after the second game (which ended 0:0) we had to wait until 22.00 for the last game of this evening. This game we lost 1:2 but it was ok. The other team was stronger and they had more energy like us. Then we went clubbing and there we had a party until 5 in the morning. We all were drunk and we met a lot of nice girls and stuff. It was cool but I was happy as I found my bed. Saturday we stood up and noon and went into the sporting park for playing our 4th game which we won. then, the most of us went to the "Felsenbad". that a nice small wellness center were we relaxed brought up our blessed bodies. after beeing for two hours there, we went to the sporting park for preparing us for the last game. We lost and so we were 4th of our group. The comitee of organisation planned a nice bbq so we kept there, drunk some beers and later we went out. Engelberg is small so they have two or three bars which are cool and there's no problem to be together as team.... I met some canadiens and mexicans there and had a good party with them.... later in a bar we sat around some chicks and everybody was drunk as hell. but yeah... I did nothing... but the girls made me really horny.

Sunday we had to stand up early and play two games. well we lost these and we landed on the 8th place of 16 teams... like last year. yeah. all in all the weekend was perfect. we ate a lot, drank more than other weekends and we all had our fun. it was just amazing, but now I am tired and my head isn't available actually...

love you all.
Wednesday, June 30th, 2004
4:23 pm
The last two weeks were awesome... I worked a lot and had a good time and well OK I was out two or three times. I was in some clubs and I don't know but actually I meet a lot of women here in town. I guess they feel that I am over the thing with my ex and I am ready to live my life and do party if I want.

The date with this black girl who I know since 7 years, her name is Sanne, went good. we were inline skating and we spent a lot of time together. we were biking, went out and yeah she spent much as just one night with me. and last week we looked in the eyes of each other and asked us what we are now and we definied our thing as bf/gf. So we are in the beginning of a relationship. But slowly. both of us is looking for the own space but after a day or twho we are missing us as hell.

yeah that's that what happened in the last few days.

at work still is ok and I had some this orders of my boss and well yeah actually everything is running for me....

I hope the weekend with my icehockey-boys will be cool...

so now I'm outta here for the moment.
Monday, June 14th, 2004
10:56 am
The last week I saw a girl who I know since 7 years. we ate lunch together and we went out together. she spent the night with me and it was just unforgettable. now friday night she came to me and we spent the whole weekend together... So the whole weekend was full of lust and joy and pleasure...

I don't know in which direction the whole thing with her will go but right now I feel good and I miss her....

I don't know but after my 4yrs-relationship with Kidi who is south african I have an eye for black woman. In the last 4 weeks I met this girl from Benin who is attracted to me and I spent a lot of time with this girl who is half German and half Guinea-Bissau... You maybe thing that's a fetish but I am definitely sure that I am more attracted in black girls... So my best buddies in town are black too and we have a really nice time together when we go out....

tonight I will go inline-skating with her... just cool to spend time with her....
Monday, June 7th, 2004
2:38 pm
wow the last few days were awesome. At the end of May I was with the local american football team in Barcelona. We drove 14 hours with a bus through the half of Europe just for staying there for one night. After the game we drove back to Chur... I enjoyed this trip and yeah it was just fun. I need it so badly.

Last week I spent the whole week at home because I had a week for free. It was raining the whole time so I spent the most of the time at home and at the night I was out for two or three times. I met some new girls and I hung out with them... Well now I could do a list which one of these is hotter and stuff but I won't. I know that two of them wants more as just beeing friends but I don't know if I am in the mood for something new. Except that, one of these girls is black woman and she lives out the african culture. So she is 25 and single... So she said she doesn't wanna play and wants to marry the next man in her life... I don't know if I am ready for a marriage but otherwise she is cool as hell and I know I would treat her right...

But my issues: the fact that I am broke as hell and I don't know how to come out of this shit makes the thing not easier....

Anyway, I live, I have girls around me which want me and it's summer.... I will find a way out of all my problems for sure...

Love ya all....
Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
7:54 am
it's been a while since I had the last intercourse action with a girl... and now I am really really horny, anyway.

In the last time I spent a lot of my time at home and watching tv or did some stuff there. but last saturday I was out and met a girl from Benin. Well ok she lives in Switzerland now but she's coming from Benin. She's black, lil taller than me and very intelligent. her personality is just great. maybe I have a chance... we'll see.

thank god for giving me two hands because actually it doesn't seem as I would find a girl for a spontaneous night and I am not sure if it's really that what I want.
Monday, May 17th, 2004
10:53 am
by the way: May 27 - May 29 I will be in Barcelona. Some friends of mine are playing an american football game there and I will go with them.

I guess I need this break...
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